Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Friend, The Cult Leader (and Follower)

Today is the birthday of a friend I’ve known for many years.

While attending Lutheran high school, I had a class in which we examined the beliefs and practices of cults. Some of the cultish practices included charismatic leadership, “love bombing” (treating the inductee with abundant affection, creating attachment to the cult), sleep deprivation, etc.

Andy read over my notes and said, “I’m charismatic… I love myself… I deprive myself of sleep… I’m a cult unto myself!”

A memorable quotation from a friend who made me laugh throughout the 1980’s. Happy Birthday, Andy!


Makeshift Renegade said...

I said that? I don't remember saying that (and because I am a cult unto myself, I usually remember all my good lines, even 20 years later), nor do I remember you having such a class.

Maybe my memory isn't as good as I think it is? Nah. Excuse me while I go pet my ego...

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