Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

Normally, this site is dedicated to observations on society, the Bible, and where the two cross paths. Summer is here, however, and the time seems right for a break from the normal. So I decided to offer a few personal pictures from my recent trip to the U.P.:

This is me at the Mackinaw Bridge, which connects Michigan's

Lower and Upper Peninsulas. (Confused? See my May 24 post!)

The bridge serves another purpose as well, which is connecting

my family which is divided between the two peninsulas

ever since one sister and her family moved there to

start a church.

Bethany was the reason for the occasion, as she graduated

from high school this past weekend. She is headed to the

Calvary Chapel Bible College in August.

She is pictured here with her good friend Matt.

My mom. She prayed earnestly for her five children,

and I was one of those five who greatly benefited.

Now she has a dozen or more grandkids.

Madison (lap) and Cori (right) are two of the newer models.

The aforementioned five kids: Ken and Jim in the back row,

and in the front row Joni, Karen, and Lisa.

During this trip I helped Karen set up her family blog,

now linked from this site.

Here's even more of the family...

The bright baby is my mom's first great grandchild.

So that's us. Or some of us, anyway. Tomorrow, back to normality, perhaps.


Mark,Karen, Taylor and Madison Oglesby said...

Like your choice of photos! It was great to spend time with you .. sure hope one day you can live closer to us!

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