Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wayward Sheep

A few days ago I wrote about Psalm 23 in "The Godfather, God the Father, and Psalm 23." (Scroll down to read.) In that post, I argued that this is not your momma's psalm - while it is a psalm of comfort, it's not a psalm that says "everything will be okay." Rather, its message is, "Everything is not be okay...yet. But if the Lord is your shepherd, you're in good hands."

I bring this up because I found the following comment on a political site today. The topic was finding comfort from Psalm 23 in times of terrorism, presumably with its words "I will fear no evil."

"I'd like to note that while I am not particularly religious, I consider the 23rd Psalm one of the greatest pieces of literature of western civilization and also one of the greatest comforts in hard times even for an unrepentant sinner such as myself. Hat tip to David, or whoever wrote that." (Jules Crittenden, referring to his essay Psalm 9-11: I Will Fear No Evil.)

Hmm. It seems rather presumpuous to praise the shepherd psalm in one breath and in the next to admit, "I will have nothing to do with the Shepherd."

Unless, perhaps, the writer is one of God's lost sheep?

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