Sunday, August 06, 2006

News Roundup

Since many folks read this blog with their morning coffee rather than reading the newspaper, I thought it important to share with you a few items found in today's Morning Call.

National News
One headline reads "Friends of accused serial killer surprised." I would hope so! You certainly don't want to ever find yourself saying, "Why, yes, he is a friend of mine. A serial killer? Of course, I've known that for quite some time now!"

In a story concerning marketing Oliver Stone's new movie World Trade Center to teenagers, a 14-year-old girl is quoted. Her words reveal much about teenagers and the media. Can you see the irony here? "I remember back in 2001 when it happened on the news. I kept thinking, 'This isn't real, it's just one of those disaster movies.' This movie made me feel Sept. 11 was real for the first time."

Religion & Society
Then there's this headline: "Church tells Katrina family it's time for them to leave." This is an interesting story about a church that took in a Katrina victim and her children, after her plight had been described on Oprah. She was given a home to live in, free of charge, for a year. Now she is getting the eviction notice, and she's more distressed and angry than, say, thankful.

It's an interesting story because, on the one hand, it is true that a year is not as long as it seems to get back on your feet (especially if you have children). Also, this reminds us that those displaced by Katrina are still trying to find their way. One University of Texas professor says, "In Houston, the welcome mat is not only longer out, it's been put through the shredder."

On the other hand, this woman was given a great place to live for a year. After one month, she quit her job. Says the United Church of Christ minister Michelle McNamara, who will now receive her parsonage back, "I'm certain there are thousands of people in Illinois or anywhere...who, if they were given the opportunity to live rent-free in a home the entire year and have their needs met, would seize the opportunity and change their life in such a way that the future would be radically different." She is careful to point out that hosting the family has been an "incredible blessing," that her "heart is breaking" over this, and that the church has put her needs first for an entire year. Maybe they are still putting her needs first...

That's the news! Have a great day.

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