Sunday, February 19, 2006

Law and Gospel

Martin Luther studied to be a lawyer, but ended up a monk after making a vow to St. Anne during a thunder storm. His lawyer’s mind helped him understand the perfect law of God – and how he failed to attain to it. This crisis led to the rediscovery of the Biblical gospel and the Protestant Reformation.

Another Reformer, John Calvin, had also studied to be a lawyer. After Calvin’s conversion, his lawyer’s mind was employed in the careful examination of God’s will – as revealed in the Scriptures – and in the religious and political reorganization of society.

No wonder there are so few Christian lawyers.

This week, my friend John Malki hopes to balance some of these historical losses to the law profession. John planned to be a pastor, and is indeed a good Bible teacher and leader. However, he and Kelli (pictured here with son Nathan) changed directions a few years ago when John realized his strongest vocational interest is law. He has now completed law school and will take the bar exam this week.

Pastors are intended to be servants to those who can share the gospel, and live the gospel, in all spheres of life. Therefore, as a pastor, I find great pleasure in seeing Christians put their talents to work in all areas of society. Lawyer jokes notwithstanding, I think this includes – especially includes – the law profession.

Please pray for John as he takes the bar this week. Pray that he will pass! And pray that through this, God would confirm John’s calling to live out the gospel in the world of the law.


Jeff said...

Ken, I left you a message on your cell phone this weekend. The recorded message proclaims that you check your messages only occasionally, so I just thought I'd let you know. I look forward to working with you next year!

Ken Shomo said...

Working with me?