Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bible in the Basement Housekeeping

The purpose of this site is to help rouse Christian thought and personal devotion. Thank you for visiting.

I have changed the comments feature so they are no longer "moderated." While comments are not essential, they are enjoyed and appreciated. Now they will appear immediately, whereas there used to be a delay. Hopefully this will prevent confusion.

I have added some friends' links on the right side. I have enjoyed these blogs, and I hope you will too.

Finally: If you would like weekly updates concerning the site, you may leave a comment to that effect or send an email.

Enjoy the site!

1 comment:

Hildegarde Fillmore said...

Dear Ken,

Please let your readers know that if they would like to read about real housekeeping, charm, and beauty, they may visit my site. I see you have listed it on the side, but I thought it prudent to mention it again to readers who will be reading the comments.

Until next time...