Friday, May 18, 2007

Change of Scenery

My posts have recently been hindered in their travel. They are finding it difficult to make the journey from my head to my hands, then onto the keyboard and, finally, onto the website. The hindrance seems to be related to the many changes in my family's life.

For this reason Bible in the Basement is going to take a break. Posts related to faith and culture will resume once they are able to once again make the journey described above. If you would like to be informed when they break camp, you may email me and I'll keep pun intended...posted.

Until then, you can learn about our more personal journeys here:

Thank you for visiting!


David McCall said...

Ken, somehow I stumbled across your blog from a comment on Amazon - and I stayed - especially after I saw you are Covenant grad.

In any event best wishes you to and your family on your Virginia Adventure.

David McCall

Anonymous said...

The bridge is tore out behind us, an' we're stuck here till that water runs out.. I have, announced Abner, pompously.. The long head, bald on top, covered behind with iron-gray hair, and in front with a short tangled growth that curled and kinked in every direction, was surmounted by an old-fashioned stove-pipe hat, worn and stained, but eminently impressive.. The dream of walking through a row of rooms is a brothel or harem dream.. I told her the strange things I had seen with my mystic glasses.. You know what I mean, she said.. The child having been shaken up hard (two or three others helping Christopher), rubbed his eyes and began to whine.. But we must acknowledge that symbolism is not a result of the dream work, but is a peculiarity probably of our unconscious thinking, which furnishes to the dream work the matter for condensation, displacement, and dramatization.. Georgiana was my dearest chum at school, and I am to be her 'best girl.. Then you do not practice normal coitus? I take the precaution to withdraw before ejaculation.. Your collar is miles too big for me.. I told her the strange things I had seen with my mystic glasses.. Why, you've put on another clean shirt, Rossie! Mrs.. But I felt badly when he said it; and afterwards I always made Dennis go to hear all the brethren preach, when I was not preaching myself.. They did not thunder out anything.. But this entire complicated mental activity which works its way from the memory picture to the establishment of the perception identity from the outer world merely represents a detour which has been forced upon the wish-fulfillment by experience.. But he did not oftenest frequent the banqueting hall, where were endless hospitality and feasting--nor did he loiter much in reception rooms, where a throng of new visitors was forever swarming--nor did he feed his vanity by haunting the apartment in which were stored the trophies of his varied triumphs--nor dream much in the great gallery hung with pictures of his travels.. He nodded familiarly to people as he met them, and saw not the look of amusement which succeeded astonishment upon the various faces.. He cut a few of my parishioners in the street; but he had his glasses off, and I am known to be nearsighted.. That same evening I had asked him after a patient whom I had sent to him for glasses...