Monday, September 18, 2006

The Main Event(s)

Did you ever notice that TV specials no longer exist? Nope. Instead, what used to be called “specials” are now called “events.” In fact, TV shows hardly exist. Even these are advertised as “events,” so long as the advertisers can claim something slightly different about this week’s show – a longer running time, a main character who battles a cold, finds religion, or whatever.

This led me to reflect today on how the real eventful moments in life are rarely expected. Even something as life changing as a well scripted wedding takes place because two people, in seemingly less eventful moment, bumped into each other one day and found they enjoyed each other’s company. Or perhaps found they were both assigned the same seat on an airplane flight (as happened to friends of mine)!

As Edith Schaeffer once wrote, there are often drum rolls in our lives that we do not hear. We do not know the magnitude of seemingly simple events.

Yesterday, the New York Giants wholloped the hapless Philadelphia Eagles (pronounced “Iggles” by their fan base). This had all the makings of a made-for-TV event. Down 24-7 until the fourth quarter, some amazing drives, throws, and even a fortunate fumble brought the game to a tie and eventually to an overtime victory. One player remarked that they did not go into the locker room expecting to come out as champions. Nevertheless, a coach’s words gave a needed emotional boost. When the movie is made, a drum roll will be inserted right there.

The simple fact is that God controls the drum rolls. We would like to hear them, but we cannot.

A friend wrote to me the other day. Having just finished law school, he looked forward his new job that would perhaps, over the long haul, place him in position to have his own practice. Little did my friend know that a health crisis would lead his boss to suddenly hand over the practice, along with a teaching assignment. Now my friend finds himself fresh out of law school with a far heavier weight of responsibility, and opportunity, than expected at this time. Again, he couldn’t hear the drum roll that signalled these changes.

God is in control. We cannot know how he will direct our lives, or when. But there is one thing we can do, and that is to be faithful where he has placed us. After all, the one in charge of our fortunes says this: “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.”

I guess the other thing we can do is pray. If we are so bold, our prayer might go something like this: “Drum roll, please!”

But don't spend too much time listening for it. Just remain faithful.

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Mark,Karen, Taylor and Madison Oglesby said...

romoHi Brother..
You are a great writer. Liked this "drumroll" piece and the Psalm one at the top too!!
Madison sends her love!
Life is a bit nuts here..but what's new??
Your sister